Morus Zero

Reinventing Clothes Dryer

The First Vacuum Clothes Dryer in The World


Revolutionary Vacuum Drying Technology

With our patented Vacuum+ technology, the water can evaporate much faster
Your clothes will be dried much faster and well protected in this way

Fast drying

Ultrafast drying speed, lower drying time down to 15 minutes

Eco - Friendly

Saves up to 40% of energy consumption

Fabric Protect

Low-temperature drying protects all kinds of fabric from shrinkage or damage


Sleek, Minimalist and Elegant design

Morus Zero fits in almost any decorating styles

"The innovative quality of this energy-efficient tumble dryer is emphasised by its appealingly unconventional overall image."

-Red Dot jury


Easy Drying

Clearly designed and the logically structured interface allows comfortable use.

Smart Drying

Moisture Sensor system automatically turns off the device when the drying is finished.

Safe Drying

The built-in UV sterilization can effectively eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria during ultrafast drying time.


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